Chronicles of Maddie

Maddie, a Wheaten Rescue Success Story, photo 1For those of you that haven’t heard of me, my new name is Maddie. I am 20 months old and living with a new family, Merrillee, Murphy, and Travis. My old owners called your Wheaten Rescue and after many phone calls with my old family and Carol Herd, a very nice lady named Louise Rosen came and got me. Louise took me to a vet’s (a place I had never visited in myfirst 20 months) and they spayed me, gave me vaccinations, and trimmed my toenails. They were very nice to me there too. Next I went to the Bonnie Briar Kennel and a really nice man named Hans gave me a beautiful new haircut. I had never had a bath or been brushed, so it was all very new to me. Then I spent a week at their lovely kennel. It was all so different from what I was used to, I didn’t really know what to think or how to act. I was very quiet and polite and just happy to be in a new place. I get  to go for long walks every day and I am learning all about leashes and these things called manners, where they expect you to behave in certain ways. I was chained outside before to a cement block, so I never had to learn to behave in a house and I quickly learned to use the dog door to go outside. As you can imagine, I have been outside so much I now like to hang about the house and watch what everyone else is doing. I don’t like being in a crate, but they make me ride in one in the car. At home I like to sit on top of it so I can see out the window better, but I really am not happy being inside it too long. I get to sleep on a nice soft chair and I really like that.

Maddie, a Wheaten Rescue Success Story, photo 2One nice thing here is all the nieces and nephews that Merrillee has love to come visit me and I really love to play ball and run around outside with them. I was invited to a barbeque at their house and got to go swimming in a pool. It was really fun.

They were all laughing at me as I dove in again and again. Now I have discovered a little pond at our house and found I am small enough to fit into it and they are calling me the swamp rat! One or two things I have found I don’t like, too. This machine they run around the house makes vile noises and sweeps up all the good tasty bits of toys I leave around. And I really don’t think much of a bath or hair dryer yet. They keep telling me I’ll get used to it, but I don’t believe it.

The best thing is I am in a home where people love me now. I am learning all sorts of fun things and just starting obedience and agility classes. This is really fun as they encourage me to run around. Murphy and Travis are very patient with me too. They even let me pull their beards hard and chew on their ears. I can sit now, and even lie down if I really want to. Thank you all so much for helping save my life!