Molly, who was a turn-in, was underweight and had worms. After being rescued, Molly had the good fortune to stay with our former San Diego Rescue Coordinator, Beth Romeril for a while. Molly has been de-wormed and is gaining weigh now that she is getting some canned food along with her kibble. Beth reports that she seems to be basically pretty healthy and has really perked up psychologically–she is starting to bark and play and is pulling on walks instead of lagging behind.

Molly, a Wheaten Rescue Success Story

Molly’s new home is with an experienced Wheaten owner, an ortho-spine surgeon from Flagstaff who lost his Wheaten in his divorce. He will be able to take her with him to his office, and plans to get her pet therapy certificate (which would be no problem for her–she is very social and gentle with everyone) so he will be able to take her into the hospital with him too.