Rescue Maisy

Update about Rescue Maisy

Rescue Maisy with her family at the Cypress Inn
Maisy on the beach

I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you how well Maisy is doing. As you know, we had a bit of a rough beginning, and it took quite some time for Maisy to settle in with us.

I think being rehomed was very confusing to her, and she really wasn’t herself when she first joined our family. It took almost a full year before her true personality emerged, but that true personality did, eventually, emerge, and she is a joy.

Maisy with her family

She is calm, yet she loves a long walk and spins with excitement every time we take her leash out. She loves to play with toys. She is a lap dog, even with our kids, who are about the same size as her. She adores car rides, and we let her ride with us whenever we can. Our small dog, Tanner, definitely tests her patience, but she is remarkably tolerant of him.

All in all, she is just a really wonderful dog, and we are lucky to have her.

Thank you, Wheaten Rescue!

– Shani Amen

close-up image of Maisy
Rescue Maisy