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Are you looking for a Wheaten puppy?

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Any of the Club Members listed below is either a Breeder, involved in Wheaten Rescue or both and would be happy to assist you with your search…

The SCWTCSC, Inc., does not endorse, recommend or warrant any breeders or dogs available from our member breeders or a litter listing included therein and the SCWTCSC, Inc., assumes no liability for recommendations of breeders or litters. Accordingly, there is no written or implied recommendation of these breeders by SCWTCSC nor is there any guarantee of the services of said member nor anyone posting to this forum or the Wheaten.org website in its entirety.

Karla Cohen (President)

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Jeanine Flavell

Ann Leigh

Cecily Skinner

Kay Baird (Rescue Coordinator)*

*See also-Wheaten Rescue Information.

*See also – Wheaten Rescue Information