Wheaten Fun Day Winners

Fun Day Winners

Thanks to all who participated in the games and the costume contests. You are all winners…just for joining in…You made the day FUN!

1. Champion for the Youngest Female Wheaten – Tarra

2. Championship for the Youngest Male Wheaten – Fynn

3. Champion for the Oldest Female Wheaten – Rachel and also Fergie

4. Championship for the Oldest Male Wheaten – Josh

5. Championship for the Biggest Female Wheaten Nose – Babbet

6. Championship for the Biggest Male Wheaten Nose – Coupe

7. Champion for the Longest Female Tail – Jezebel

8. Champion for the Longest Male Tail – Winston

9. Champion for the Shortest Female Tail – Zoey

10. Champion for the Shortest Male Tail – Raegan

11. Champion for Musical Spots– Chloe and Linda

12. Fashion Show Race – 1st Lily & Roberta  2nd Chloe & Linda

3rd Cieara & Paul

Costume Parade and Contest:

Most Original – Cooper

Best Team – Bella & Devlyn

Best Duo – Lily & Zoey

Best Comic Book Character – Rachel & Baxter

Best Fairytale Character – Roxy

Best Animal – Raegan

Best Historical (and hysterical) – Coupe & Fergie

Oh So Pretty – Babbet

Best Food – Fynn

Best Silly and Scary – Cieara

Best Holiday – Lexi

Best Scary – Brody

Best Winged – Roma

Best Girlie Girl – Chloe

Cutest Good Witch – Dory