SCWTCSC in the News

This is the area of the our site where we will showcase anything about our club. This includes stories about the club, its members or even stories published elsewhere that were penned by a member.

Our very own SCWTCSC Junior member, Riley Capton(age 13), has qualified for the second year in a row to compete at the California Junior Handler of the Year Competition.  It is held annually by the Sun Maid Kennel Club and will take place February 2016 in Fresno, CA.

SCWTCSC Junior member Riley Capton

In the September issue of Benchmarks, the SCWTCA quarterly journal, there are two articles on interest for our members/web surfers:

  • “Great Western Weekend,” including judges’ critiques, pp. 10-19
  • “Like Father, Like Son:  Therapy Success Stories Continued,” by Miriam Kahan, about her Chester and his son, Oliver, p. 40.

Click here to see the Online version of the September 2011 issue